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Dehumidifier Solenco 30L Ultra Dry


Product Description

Finally the Solenco 30L Ultra Dry Dehumidifier is here.

For domestic use:

  • Remove moisture from a 5 to 6 bedroom home
  • Protect your valuables from mould and rust
  • Prolong the life of your appliances
  • Dry your laundry on rainy days
  • Prevent damage to soft furnishings and art pieces
  • Reduce mould and condensation in your kitchen and bathroom
  • Prevent rising damp that can lead to structural damage and peeling paint
  • Get rid of musty smells that are associated with mould and damp
  • Breathe easier by reducing mould spores
  • Great air purification mode for allergy sufferers
  • Can serve as an air purifier when the compressor is switched off

For commercial use:

  • Ideal for use in an office or small commercial spaces
  • Protect important documents and files from moisture damage
  • Get rid of musty smells that are associated with mould and damp
  • Prevent rising damp that can lead to structural damage
  • Great for drying towels in a hair salon
  • Get rid of excess moisture in laundromats
  • Decrease the drying time of carpets
  • Keep your guesthouse mould and damp-free
  • Dry paint and wet work faster during renovations
  • Get rid of that new carpet smell
  • Reduce mould and condensation
  • Prevent damage to soft furnishings
  • Prolong the life of appliances
  • Protect expensive technical equipment from condensation and rust
  • Safeguard art in galleries from deterioration and mould
  • Keep your guest lodgings dustmite-free
  • Keep library books safe from mould
  • Great air purification mode for allergy sufferers
  • Can serve as an air purifier when the compressor is switched off


Detailed Product Description


Take control of the humidity in your home or office with this low energy 30L dehumidifier from Solenco. Suitable for flats and homes up to 6 bedrooms, this powerful yet incredibly energy efficient dehumidifier provides a cost effective solution in combating damp, mould and condensation.

Key Features:
• Energy efficient, great for up to 6 bedrooms, offices and light commercial applications
• Saves 50% of the running costs compared with standard dehumidifiers
• Cost effective way to combat mould, condensation and damp
• Advanced 6 stage Air Purifier mode with TRUE HEPA filters, Carbon Filter, UV steriliser and Ioniser
• Antibacterial tank stops the mould growth in the tank
• Special laundry mode: dries laundry more efficiently than a tumble dryer and takes less space
• One touch smart mode to maintain optimum humidity
• Built-in handle and castors
• Slim and stylish design

Technical Specification

Technical information:
• Extracts up to 30 litres per day
• Digital humidistat with backlight LCD display showing current room humidity and temperature
• Accurate adjustable humidistat allowing settings from 35-80%rh
• Automatic dehumidification function for simple one touch operation
• Permanent drainage port (Pipe Included) or tank use
• 1 – 24 hour start/ stopping timer
• Strong carry handle for easy transport
• Two fan speeds for good balance between quiet operation and improved air flow/ performance
• Air Flow (nominal): 200 m3/hr
• Auto restart on power off
• Max noise level Maximum 45 dB(A)
• Operating Temperatures 5-35 degrees celsius
• Refrigerant R134a
• Rotary Compressor
• Child Lock for added safety
• Tank Capacity: 5 litres

• Energy Consumption: 360 watts

• W x H x D: 400 x 623 x 218mm
• Weight: 17.5Kg

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5

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Excellent buy
Amanda Nelson - 24 July 2019 -

I would highly recommend this model. It's very well made, does exactly what is says.... I haven't turned it off in over two weeks, since we received it. Our house is finally drying out, damp smell has gone and we're coughing less. Thanks to Simon, who was so knowledgeable and friendly. I received the unit very quickly too. Thank you! Amanda

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