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Product: Air Purifier Solenco CF8500 3-in-1 Filter

Price: R 699.00 each

Product Description

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do the Solenco CF8500 filters last?

The filters of these units last about 6 months – application and environment dependent. However, not all need to be replaced at the same time. The Prefilter for example can last up to 2 years.

How can I maintain my Solenco CF8500?

  • The air purifier and Pre-filter should be cleaned at least once every month.
  • More frequent cleaning may be required depending on environmental conditions.
  • The filters can be cleaned with the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. This will remove lint and dirt.
  • Only the Prefilter is washable.
  • Make sure the filter is dry before fixing into the combination filter.
  • Do not stick any foreign objects or your fingers inside the unit. Do not use gasoline, benzene, thinners, harsh cleaner etc on or in the unit while cleaning as it will damage the product.
  • Never use alcohol or other solvents.
  • Only use a clean, dry soft cloth to wipe the external surface of the unit.

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Air Purifier Solenco CF8500 3-in-1 Filter 
R 699.00
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