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Product: Robot Vacuum iLife A8

Price: R 6 499.00 each

Product Description

The latest model in iLife's premium collection, the iLife A8, marks a great stride in panoramic navigation assisted robotic cleaning technology. 

Key features:

  • Navigated cleaning. The groundbreaking PanoView Navigation enables iLife A8 to clean methodically and thoroughly in less time. 
  • Enhanced cleaning effectiveness. The Gen3 Cyclone Power System enables the iLife A8 to clean thoroughly with side brushes, a rolling brush and powerful suction in a single operation. 
  • Ultra-thin design. At 72mm thick, the iLife A8 can reach and catch dust and dirt in hard to reach areas. 
  • Versatile brushes. The interchangeable bristle brush and rubber brush clean all all types of floors including carpet and hard floors.
  • i-Voice assistance. The intelligent i-Voice technology tells you what your iLife A8 is doing or if it requires attention. 
  • Great stabilization. The extra-large roadrover wheels stabilize the iLife A8 as it moves across different surfaces and avoids obstacles. 

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Product Features

2 year warranty

2 year warranty

Intelligent Navigation

Intelligent Navigation

Remote Control

Remote Control

Large Dust Bin

Large Dust Bin

Timer Function

Timer Function

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

Camera Mapping Sensor

Camera Mapping Sensor

Detailed Product Description

The latest model in ILIFE's premium collection, ILIFE A8 marks a great stride in panoramic navigation assisted robotic cleaning technology. Embodying pioneering artificial intelligence (AI), the new self-navigating robot vacuum demonstrates ILIFE's mission of sharing the latest technological breakthroughs with the smart home industry so that the general public will benefit from the wider application of progressive AI.

ILIFE A8 combines the latest achievements in AI and self-navigating robotic technology. The PanoView navigation system consists of a 360-degree live-vision camera and CV-SLAM graphics algorithm and three processors. These features combined give ILIFE A8's cleaning effectiveness a significant boost, presenting cleaning of the future and leading-edge AI to the consumers.


PanoView Navigation: Clean with a Vision

The all-new A8 is a self-navigating robot vacuum enabled by PanoView navigation system, which navigates spaces precisely with a 360-degree live-vision camera. This high-definition camera scans the ceiling to generate real-time panoramic images and perspective of its surroundings. Through the CV-SLAM graphics algorithm, visual information collected will be immediately transmitted to the three processors. Facilitating high-speed map data processing, the processor computes accurate orientation and renders a plan of the entire home.

The navigation system also gives ILIFE A8 a memory through the pause/resume function. ILIFE A8 automatically returns to its charging base for recharge when its battery runs low. When recharge is done, it resumes cleaning where its task was interrupted by following the original coordinates generated by the PanoView navigation system.

Enhanced Cleaning Effectiveness: The Gen 3 CyclonePower Cleaning System

With the Gen 3 CyclonePower Cleaning System, A8 cleans thoroughly with side brushes, a main brush and suction in a single operation: the side brushes effectively remove dirt and debris at corners or edges; the main brush rolls up debris on carpet and hard floors, and the powerful suction collects dirt and debris into the dustbin.

Intelligent Automation: i-Voice Alerts and Customized Scheduling

The i-Voice technology gives ILIFE A8 the ability to communicate with the users by reporting work progress or giving alerts in case of malfunction. ILIFE A8 also features customized scheduling which enables a preset cleaning schedule for any time.

Design Optimization: Simplistic and Sleek Design

At only 72mm thick, ILIFE A8 features a seamless and durable glass top cover finished in piano black with a matching black base, making it a sophisticated, minimalistic decor in itself. The piano black finish is precisely engineered to achieve a pure dark tone and opacity, and the special coating allows easy smudge and fingerprint removal.

To maintain its minimalist design, there is only an AUTO button on the top cover to meet functional needs. The top cover also serves as a release button for the dustbin – just one press on it and the dustbin will gently pop out. The design prevents dust from lodging in the dustbin slot and recirculating into the air.

For Different Cleaning Purposes: Versatile Brushes

ILIFE A8 has two interchangeable main brushes: the bristle brush is a powerful deep cleaning tool for dirt pickup and carpet cleaning, and the anti-tangle rubber brush works best on hard floors and pet hair. Literally, there are no dead corners or impossible cleaning tasks for ILIFE A8.


  • 360-degree live-vision camera navigation system
  • Voice alert system
  • 7.2cm thickness
  • CV-SLAM graphics algorithm maps and interior and plans a route
  • PanoView self-navigation
  • Cyclone Power three-stage cleaning system
  • Tangle-free rubber brush
  • Two alternative cleaning brushes
  • Auto-charge and resume
  • Runs up to 2 hours in one charge
  • Charging time 3 hours
  • Sheduling
  • 2600 mAH Li-Ion battery
  • 2 years warranty
  • Anti-collision system
  • Anti-drop sensors
  • Floor types: hardwood, low-pile carpet, tile, marble, linoleum, low and medium-pile carpets

iLife A8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Technical Specifications

Automatic ChargingYes
Dust Container Volume300ml
NavigationsCamera and GyroScope
Side Brushes2
Cleaning PatternPanoramic Planning Nav
Planned CleaningYes
Camera Mapping SensorYes
Antidrop / Cliff SensorYes
Battery Life140 min
Run Time90 min
Battery Capacity2600 mAh
Noise levelLess than 65dB
Suction power1000pa
UsageHardfloor, carpet
Voltage (V)100 - 240V
Wattage (W)22W
Vacuum Cleaner TypeRobotic
Dimensions (h x w x d)310 x 310 x 72mm
Weight (kg)2.76kg
Shipping Dimensions460 x 460 x 140mm
Gross Weight (kg)5.2kg

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Robot Vacuum iLife A8 
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