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Product: Robot Vacuum Hobot Legee-668 4-in-1 Robotic Vacuum and Mop

Price: R 6 999.00 each

Product Description

Does it seem like you're spending more and more time cleaning? Would you like somebody in your home who would do the vacuuming and mopping for you?

The Hobot Legee-668 robotic vacuum cleaner and mop 4-in-1 offers an ingenious combination of two robotic cleaning appliances. 

The FastBrush 4-Stage Cleaning system will comprehensively clean your floors in a few moments. It also takes care of vacuuming, dry mopping, automatic water dosing and wet mopping.

The advanced navigation system ensures that the LEGEE 668 cleans our home efficiently and without unnecessary delays or getting lost.

Honoree of the CES Innovation Awards 2018 and the Winner of the Silver Medal at the IENA Germany Exhibition of Inventions.

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Product Features

2 year warranty

2 year warranty

HEPA filter for allergies

HEPA filter for allergies

Large tank (500ml)

Large tank (500ml)

Battery life up to 90 minutes

Battery life up to 90 minutes



Remote control

Remote control

Detailed Product Description

Key Features

  • Powered by Li-PO battery, 3000mAh
  • Battery charging time: 150 minutes.
  • Battery life: up to 90 minutes.
  • The noise of the vacuum cleaner is 62dB
  • The vacuum cleaner has a 500ml dust container
  • The capacity of the water tank is 320ml
  • Mapping and navigation via LEGEE® Smart Navigation Technology
  • The unique Smart Spray control system provides water dosage
  • Equipped with laser sensors, Encoder, Gyro Sensor, E-Compass and Position Estimation System
  • Vacuum cleaner comes with a side brush and two special vibrating mops
  • The quality mops are made of microfiber and are designed for dry and wet cleaning
  • The vacuum cleaner has a mesh filter and a HEPA filter
  • The vacuum cleaner is equipped with anti-fall sensors
  • You can choose one of four cleaning modes: Auto, Spot, Along the walls, Parallel
  • The vacuum cleaner charges automatically by returning to its base
  • The vacuum cleaner is suitable for vacuuming animal hair
  • The vacuum cleaner is suitable for floors, tiles, linoleum, wooden floors and floating floors
  • The vacuum cleaner comes in black colour

A Unique Combination of a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

The 4-Stage Cleaning System will provide a thorough cleaning of flat floors. Vacuuming, dry mopping, automatic water dosing and wet mopping - all this can be done in a single step. The powerful suction located at the front of the vacuum cleaner captures all larger dirt particles, such as crumbs, hair, and animal hair. The dry mop vibrates along the floor and wipes off fine dust, with two special nozzles pumping water onto the vacuumed floor. The amount of water used is controlled by the Smart Spray system. The other vibrating mop then wipes and polishes the floor using the water that was sprayed before. The LEGEE-668 is equipped with Laser Sensors, Encoder, Gyro, E-Compass, and Position Estimation system for smooth orientation in your home.

LEGEE® Smart Navigation Technology

The LEGEE-668 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 4-in-1 uses laser sensors, Encoder, Gyro, E-Compass and Position Estimation systems during its work. This advanced navigation system monitors the robot's surroundings and allows it to avoid furniture and other obstacles. This enables the robotic vacuum cleaner to effectively clean the floor of your home without unnecessary delays or wandering around.

A Wealth of Advanced Technologies

D-shape of the Robot
Due to its unique D-shape, the LEGEE-668 robotic vacuum cleaner cleans even the areas along the walls or in the corners. The side brush located in the front corner of the vacuum cleaner ensures precise dirt removal from the corners and along the walls and furniture.

Two Special Vibrating Mops
The LEGEE-668 uses two special vibrating mops which quickly vibrate during floor cleaning and effectively clean all types of flat floors.

"Smart Spray" Water Dosing System
The amount of water the robot dispenses on the vacuumed floor is controlled by "Smart Spray" technology. This ensures that the quantity of water used for cleaning is always optimal for all types of smooth floors.

Large Dustbin
The 500ml dust container is extra large, so it can take in a lot more dirt and allergens. Double filtration with a HEPA filter captures the maximum possible amount of dirt and fine particles.

HEPA Filtration
The HEPA filter helps capture fine dust, allergenic mites, or animal allergens. The HOBOT LEGEE-668 is therefore also suitable for a household with allergy sufferers. The HEPA filter prevents small dust particles from leaking back into the air.

Automatic Charging
When the battery is drained, the LEGEE-668 will automatically return to its base to recharge.

Package Contents HOBOT LEGEE-668:
1 × Legee-668 robotic vacuum cleaner and mop 4-in-1
1 × remote control
1 × AC Adapter
1 × charging base
1 × water container
3 × side brush
3 × HEPA filter
1 × cleaning brush
2 × microfiber front mop
2 × microfiber rear mop
1 × operating instructions


How Does It Work?

A powerful vacuum cleaner pump sucks in small debris, hair. and animal fur. The drive mechanism of reciprocating motion of the cleaning cloths (pads) simulates the movements of the hands to remove dried stains and debris from the floor by oscillating 10 times per second. The next stage is microdroplet spraying of water for softening of dried stains and dirt that are not removed through dry wiping. Finally the rear cleaning cloth (pad) not only absorbs moisture and wipes stains and dirt, but also polishes the floor.

Hobot Legee 668 4-in-1

The Hobot Legee 668 4-in-1 vacuuming and mopping robot now available from Solenco SA. 

Technical Specifications

Automatic chargingYes
Shock SensorYes
Dust Container Volume                                500ml
Water tank320ml
Side brushes1
Cleaning programmes4
Power supply typeLi-ion Battery 3000mAh
Definition of objects5 laser sensors and bumper
Height difference sensors2 laser sensors
Charging time150 min
Operating time90 min (150m2 on full charge)
FiltersMicrofilter, HEPA filter
UsageFor floors, pet hair, antibacterial, collecting dirt 
AccessoriesCharging station, remote control, side brush
Mobile application No
Noise level62dB
Dimensions (h x w x d)9.5 x 33 x 34 cm
Weight3.2 kg
Input voltage100~240V, 50~60Hz
Adaptor output19V / 1A, 19W
Vacuum cleaner typeRobotic
Remote controlYes

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5

 |    2 Customer reviews
Hobot Review in Stuff Magazine
Stuff Magazine - 16 May 2019 -

Wax, Wax offFor years we've had to star longingly at Roombas and their automated dusting - sucking kin from afar... but no more. The Hobot Legee doesn't just vacuum, it mops too, thanks to a pair of washable, vibrating pads on the bottom of the device and a water sprayer between them. A replaceable HEPA filter keeps nasties at bay, and a spinning brush on the right-hand side makes short work of tight spaces. So too does the array of lasers, gyros and other sensors that guide it about and stop if falling down the stairs. Battery life is up to 90 minutes, and when it starts getting low the Hobot automatically returns to its charging station to recharge. If your abode is carpeted you're going to want a different model, but if screed, tiles and wood are your bag, this is the robo cleaner for you. Shark costume for the cat sold separately.
It is unbelievable!
Eldon Leonard - 11 June 2019 -

It is unbelievable! We have 2 big dogs living in our house and have always battled with their hair on our wooden floors and tiles. Now we put it on in the morning go out and come back to clean shining floors. Added bonus is that it mops the floor aswell!Don't know how we lived without one. We have named it Dusty.

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Robot Vacuum Hobot Legee-668 4-in-1 Robotic Vacuum and Mop  
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