Dehumidifier Rental

Need a dehumidifier to sort out short term domestic damp problems? Or are you busy with some renovation work at home and you are getting tired of watching paint dry? Perhaps you want to avoid the initial capital outlay of purchasing a dehumidifier and would like to try before you buy....

Our experienced team at Solenco SA can assist you in choosing the right dehumidifier for your needs and application.


Typical Domestic Uses

Remove moisture from a single room up to a 5 bedroom home
Protect your valuables from mould and rust
Prolong the life of your appliances 
Dry your laundry on rainy days
Prevent damage to soft furnishings and art pieces
Reduce mould and condensation in your home
Prevent rising damp that can lead to structural damage & peeling paint
Get rid of musty smells that are associated with mould & damp
Breathe easier by reducing mould spores
Help to dry paint and wet work quicker
Help dry wet carpets and wet curtains

Typical Commercial Uses

Ideal for use in an office or small commercial spaces 
Protect important documents and files from moisture damage
Get rid of musty smells that are associated with mould & damp
Prevent rising damp that can lead to structural damage
Reduce mould and condensation
Prevent damage to soft furnishings
Prolong the life of appliances
Protect expensive technical equipment from condensation & rust
Safeguard art in galleries from deterioration and mould
Keep your guest lodgings dustmite-free
Keep library books safe from mould
Help to dry paint and wet work quicker

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Meaco 60L Rota-Moulded Building Dryer

dehumidifier meaco 60l rota moulded building dryer1
dehumidifier meaco 60l rota moulded building dryer2
dehumidifier meaco 60l rota moulded building dryer

Meaco 60L Specifications


Nominal Air Flow Rate510m3/h
Temperature Range5 - 35 degrees Celsius
Defrosting SystemHot Gas
Continuous Drainage OptionBuilt-in pump
Hour counterYes
Electronic ControlOn/off rotary control only
Rated Current (30 degrees C - 80%rh)3.5A
Power Consumption780W
Extraction Rate60 litres/24 hours
Rated Current (26.7 degrees C - 60%rh)3.3A
Power Consumption750W
Extraction Rate35 litres/24 hours
Pump3m high lift
Air filterYes - washable
Fan speedsOne
Duct Diameter170mm, 5m maximum
Dimensions705mm x 455mm x 500mm


Available in the following Areas

Port Elizabeth, Humansdorp, Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay, Stormsriver (night shift delivery), Tsitsikamma (night shift delivery), The Craggs, Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Wilderness, George, Mossel Bay, Sedgefield, Oudtshoorn, Groot Brak

PLEASE NOTE: This service is currently in its roll-out phase and is only available along the coast from Port Elizabeth to Mossel Bay.


Dehumidifier Rental Booking Form

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The rental terms and conditions set out hereunder shall apply to all dehumidifiers hired out by Solenco South Africa cc.


  1. The account holder and/or authorised signatories (hereinafter referred to as the HIRER) entering into a rental agreement with Solenco South Africa cc (Hereinafter referred to as the OWNER) must nominate a single address as their DOMICILIUM CITANDI ET EXECUTANDI for all purposes under this agreement.
  2. Ownership of the Equipment let out on hire shall at all times remain vested in the OWNER and the HIRER will not sell, hire out or lend, or otherwise part with the possession thereof during the hire period, nor will they encumber or assign any right or interest in the equipment or create any lien thereon. The Equipment will be returned into the possession of the OWNER at the end of the hire period.
  3. Insurance – The onus is on the HIRER to insure hired equipment, the HIRER will be charged a fair market value for any loss or damage incurred while in the HIRER’s possession.
  4. The HIRER gives their consent for a credit check. Outstanding accounts are subject to default listing on a national credit bureau database. On payment of the outstanding debt the default listing will be amended to read “PAID DEFAULT” until legislation demands complete removal. The OWNER reserves the right to provide a national credit bureau with updated personal information AND may use a national credit bureau database for tracing. The contract holder hereby agrees that should they default on payment, The OWNER can make this information available to the industry and affiliated businesses.
  5. The HIRER accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment after it has been removed from the OWNER. If any equipment is lost while in the customer’s possession full hire is payable until the equipment is returned or paid for at the OWNER’s full retail price.
  6. All Equipment not returned will be charged at the OWNER’s Full New Standard Selling Price, hire charges will not be taken into account in calculating amounts due under this clause.
  7. The HIRER shall completely indemnify the OWNER against any claim by any party for any damage of any nature whatsoever, for injury to persons or damage to property caused by, or in connection with, or arising out of, or involving the Equipment, and in respect of all costs and charges in connection therewith, whether arising under common or statute law, whether as a result of the OWNER’s negligence or otherwise.
  8. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as supplied (except for fair wear and tear) otherwise a charge for cleaning, reconditioning, renewing or replacing will be made as considered necessary by the OWNER.
  9. Delivery is included in the fee payable by the HIRER before the unit is released for dispatch.
  10. The hire period and rental charges to be paid by the HIRER are specified in the hire contract.
  11. The OWNER shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the HIRER or any other party arising out of any late or non-delivery of the Equipment, any mechanical breakdown, or any other circumstances whatsoever.
  12. Equipment will be collected by the courier within 1 day of the expiry time shown on the Hire Contract otherwise additional charges will be made in accordance with twice the contractual rate. The OWNER retains the right of access to any location where the Equipment may be, for the purpose of repossessing any Equipment should the HIRER contravene any of these conditioning. Charges arising out of repossessing will be made as considered necessary by the OWNER.
  13. The HIRER shall pay all costs including Attorney and Client costs and collection commission incurred by the OWNER in demanding or obtaining payment of all or any sums due by the HIRER to the OWNER and in suing for the recovery thereof and in taking steps to protect the OWNER’s interest in terms hereof.
  14. The HIRER warrants that all particulars and representation given and made by the HIRER to the OWNER are true and that the signatory who signs this agreement is authorized to act as such.
  15. The OWNER may at any time for any reason whatsoever retake possession of the Equipment, provided that if the HIRER has not breached this agreement, the OWNER with regard shall simultaneously provide the HIRER with replacement equipment similar to the Equipment.
  16. The HIRER acknowledges that it is aware of the purpose for which the Equipment was designed, as well as all safety and maintenance procedures which are required in respect of the equipment by any lawful authority and shall only use the equipment for such purpose and shall comply with all such safety and maintenance procedures. The HIRER shall be liable to and hereby indemnifies the OWNER for all damages or loss suffered by the OWNER, should the Equipment be used for any other purpose or should the customer fail to comply with the required safety and maintenance procedures.
  17. The HIRER acknowledges that the Terms and Conditions have been read and accepted. The HIRER further acknowledges that the rental area is limited to the coastal belt along the Sunshine Coast and Garden Route area (from Port Elizabeth to Mossel Bay). Should the HIRER not reside in these areas, the HIRER will not be eligible for a refund.



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