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MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator

Original price R 1,499.00 - Original price R 1,499.00
Original price R 1,499.00
R 1,499.00
R 1,499.00 - R 1,499.00
Current price R 1,499.00
  • iNews review - "Best for: Versatile personal cooling"
  • Superior DC technology fan
  • Very, very quiet fan from just 15dB which is comparable to a whisper
  • Very, very energy efficient from just 2.5 watts
  • Portable- 10 000 m/ah power bank will offer 6 to 8 hours running time
  • Two year parts and labour warranty
  • Product review video here.
  • Download User Manual here
  • Free Storage Bag with Every Fan Ordered- Just add it to your cart.

The multi award winning MeacoFan 1056 has been joined by the new Meaco Fan 360 Personal Air Circulator to offer a smaller version for use in the home, office or anywhere where a near-silent, low energy cooling fan would be useful.

The Meaco Fan 360 has been introduced to provide a low noise fan that takes up very little space making it perfect for bedside tables or office desks.

A Quiet Bedroom Fan

The 360 should be particularly good for bedroom cooling because it is small enough to fit on a bedside table, we can even use it on our windowsill! You can have absolute confidence that this is a quiet fan because it has been awarded the prestigious Quiet Mark award for low noise products. The perfect portable fan. 

What is 15dB?

At 15 decibels the 360 is the quietest in the MeacoFan range. 15dB is described as being somewhere between breathing and a babbling brook, a whisper or some rustling leaves. In other words, very, very quiet.


The MeacoFan 360 is portable and can be powered by a Power Bank as well as the normal wall socket. A 10 000 m/ah power bank will offer 6 to 8 hours running time which is perfect for your camping, caravaning or beach holidays.

Off Timer

Many people don’t want to wake up cold in the middle of the night, if that is you then use the Off Timer on the fan and the fan will turn off after say three hours to ensure you don’t wake up feeling too cold. The fan will also not bleep when it stops because we know that you don’t want a bleep waking you up!

Removing Some Plastic from the World, No Remote Control

To save the world from extra plastic we have decided not to have a remote control for this fan. We believe that for this size of fan, which will always be more or less within arms reach, a remote is not necessary.

DC Technology

We have used DC technology before in our multi-award winning MeacoFan 1056 fan so we know how good and reliable the technology is. It has three major benefits;

• Low noise level
• Low running costs
• Longer lifespan

DC technology does push the cost up but it is worth it in return for the extra quality.


All Meaco products come with a two year parts and labour warranty, as well as the option of extending warranty to five years.

Technical Details
Power Consumption 2.5 to 10 watts
Temperature Operating Conditions =+5°C to +35°C
Humidity Operating Conditions Non-condensing
Noise level 15 to 50dB
Fan Motor Type Low Energy DC
Maximum Air Flow 360m³/hour
Oscillation Swing Angles 60° up, 20° down (manual)
38 left°, 33° right (automatic)
Power Supply 220 - 240V / 50Hz
Powered by USB lead (and plug)
Dimensions (HWD) mm 298 x 209 x 213.5
Weight 1.36Kgs


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Alison B.
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

Meaco 360

Great fan, minimum noise, light, energy efficient. Highly recommend!

Yvette H.
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product


I am so blown away (pun intended ) with this incredible fan. I could not believe how powerful and quiet it is, all at the same time. The tilt function is phenomenal, I just LOVE my fan ❤️ Excellent quality %

Craig F.
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

Awesome USB Fan

We were looking for a small home office fan and stumbled across the Meaco 360 Personal Air Circulator. I am familiar with usb fans and at first doubted the capability but many of the online reviews sorted out my doubts very quickly. Pros: 1. Small and perfect for the home office. 2. High power fan - considering this is USB powered. 3. VERY quiet 4. USB powered and portable - Can easily be powered by a USB Power Bank - for those infamous loadshedding days. 5. Touch controls 6. Works well in any room. 7. Manual up/down tilt. 8. Easy to clean the fan (front cowl clips off) 9. Automatic motorized left/right swivel feature with a touch of a button. Cons: 1. No remote - but, this is not of real concern (note: the 650 and 1056 has a remote that magnetically attaches to the front of the fan) Dimensions: - around a standard ruler length high and 21cm wide. All round great fan! I am a fan of this little fan. And Solenco provides great service as well!

Yolanda -.
South Africa South Africa

Review from www.meaco.com

Received today and was unpacked and set up in less than 3mins! immediately put to use in office environment, very quiet on the lower settings - certainly not distracting, and surprisingly powerful on the highest setting with a slight increase in noise (to be expected). Neat, unobtrusive and simple to use. All good!

Donald -.
South Africa South Africa

Review from www.meaco.com

Took delivery of our 360 fan today and tested it out, both in the house and our motor home. We bought it mainly for our upcoming trip in the motor home to Spain and it is brilliant. It it great that it is a DC fan with a usb connection as we can run it off the 12v batteries as well as mains power using a 12v usb outlet. I am assuming this is acceptable as there is nothing in the instructions about running the fan from a usb outlet rather than using the mains adapter. A relative recently bought a tower fan for about £40 and it felt flimsy and was very noisy in comparison to the Meaco. The Meaco fan is wonderfully quite at the lower end of the 12 settings such that you could easily use it in the bedroom overnight without being disturbed by the noise. There is obviously some more noise as you go up the speed range but it is never too intrusive and, compared to the tower fan our relative bought, the quality of the sound is much better at higher speeds - a smooth airflow swoosh rather than a harsh mechanical whirring and clunking racket. The airflow is pretty impressive given the size of the fan. I could feel a soft breeze on speed 1 with the fan a few feet away and could still feel it gently about 3 m away on speed 2. It is a very stylish unit and very compact. The movement of the vertical tilting function is very easy and smooth, no clunks or clicks - impressive build quality for the price. Thinking about getting the larger 1056 model for the house. The only minor criticism I would have is that, if you want to select a lower speed you need to scroll through all of the speeds and start again at 1 rather than simply going back down. It’s nice when you can feel that you have made a good buy and the right choice.