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Meaco 60L Rota Moulded Building Dryer Dehumidifier

R 24,999.00
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Introducing the new Meaco 60L Rota-Moulded Building Dryer with some unique Meaco twists. There are several rota-moulded building dryers on the world market and we looked carefully at what customers had to say and took the best bits from all of the user feedback before we designed and built the Meaco 60L.

Detailed Description

Key features:

  • Unique Rota-Moulded design with simple rotary controls
  • 60Litres per day at 30 degrees Celsius and 80%rh
  • 35Litres per day at 26.7 degrees Celsius and 60%rh
  • Stackable to save on storage space
  • Only 705mm high
  • One year warranty


We are using a higher grade of components than is standard having strengthened the axle, metal connectors for the hose, rotary controls to simplify the control panel, a non-resettable hour counter, built in water pump and fold away handles. When you compare the overall specification of the Meaco 60L with other building dryers it makes a very attractive option with a spec that is hard to beat.


Why the Meaco 60L is the right building dryer for you


  • Rota-moulding provides extra durability for the dehumidifier
  • Preserves the look of the dehumidifier for longer
  • Reinforced axial for extra strength
  • Unique rotary-control controls, very simple to use
  • Metal hose connector
  • Fold down handles
  • Non-resettable hour counter
  • Ductable - 5 metre maximum run
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Meaco Control Logic built in
  • Stackable two high
  • Build-in pump with 3 metre lift


The Meaco 60L Rota-Moulded Building Dryer can be used in a variety of applications to dry spaces out after a flood or fire, provide directed, ducted dry air for building restoration, product storage or commercial applications.

Extraction Rate Data
Technical Overview
Nominal Air Flow Rate 510m3/h
Temperature Range 5 - 35 degrees Celsius
Defrosting System Hot Gas
Continuous Drainage Option Built-in pump
Hour counter Yes
Electronic Control On/off rotary control only
Rated Current (30 degrees C - 80%rh) 3.5A
Power Consumption 780W
Energy Usage (based on R1.46 per kw/hr) - continuous running R1.13 per hour
Extraction Rate 60 litres/24 hours
Rated Current (26.7 degrees C - 60%rh) 3.3A
Power Consumption 750W
Extraction Rate 35 litres/24 hours
Pump 3m high lift
Air filter Yes - washable
Fan speeds One
Compressor Rotary
Refrigerant R410a/640g
Duct Diameter 170mm, 5m maximum
Dimensions 705mm x 455mm x 500mm
Weight 38kg
Meaco 60l building dryer flyer 003