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HOBOT LEGEE 7 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot

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The brand new LEGEE 7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 4-in-1 from Hobot offers an ingenious combination of two robotic cleaning appliances with the added advantage of being Wifi App Controlled supporting dynamic control, scheduler and real time map with Map Memory, Room Divider and Virtual Barrier.

    • App Control for both Android and Apple
    • Wins Silver in 2021 A’ Design Awards
    • BEST BUY Winner- Fairlady 2022 Robot Vacuum Cleaners
    • Runner Up- Gadget.co.za Best Consumer Tech of 2021- Home
    • Scrubs hard floors up to 900 times/ minute
    • Voice Control with Google and Siri
    • 7 Specialised Cleaning Modes to achieve the best cleaning results
    • Intelligent Space- memorise up to 5 maps
    • Room Specific Talent Clean Set Up
    • Virtual Barrier and Box
    • Cleaning Scheduling
    • Smart Recharge and Resume
    • Standard 2 Year Warranty
    • Option to extend up to 5 years.
    • Download the User Manual here.


HOBOT LEGEE App not only supports dynamic control, scheduler and real time map with Map Memory, Room Divider and Virtual Barrier, but also brings floor cleaning robot to a new era by introducing its signature feature: “Talent Clean”- there are 7 specialised cleaning modes and 1 customised mode for you to serve any special needs.

Talent Clean-Tailor Made Smart

There are 7 specialised cleaning modes and 1 customised mode for you to serve any special needs. To achieve the best cleaning result, you can assign different Talent clean mode in accordance with the room condition.

    1. Standard Mode- is the perfect fit for any generic use.
    2. Stain Mode- can clean the common spill, splash and stains.
    3. Polish Mode- brings back the bright and shine.
    4. Dry Mode- when cleaning hardwood floor.
    5. Strong Mode- is ideal for deep cleaning.
    6. ECO Mode- helps to save energy and works quietly.
    7. Pet Mode- cleans hair and paw-prints efficiently.
    8. Customized- Feel free to adjust the parameters to suit your special need.

Map Memory

LEGEE can memorise up to 5 maps, the map data is stored in LEGEE’s embedded memory. You can use different maps when LEGEE is on different floor in another house.

Room Specific Talent Clean

After cleaning, LEGEE App will define the rooms automatically, you can use merge or split to adjust the rooms. To achieve best cleaning result, you can assign different Talent Clean modes to meet varies of cleaning needs of rooms.

Virtual Barrier and Virtual-box

Move your finger tips, not the furniture! Define and control the restricted zones on the map to keep LEGEE away from delicate items when cleaning!

High Accuracy Real Time Map

Schedule Queue is a weekly based scheduler that allows pre-scheduling your cleaning plan once a day, there are several Talent Clean modes to choose from.

Voice Prompt

LEGEE voice prompt updates its progress or status so you are always in control. If needed, you can set a Do Not Disturb period to omit the LEGEE’s activities.

Creative Voice

Play with creativity and personalise your LEGEE by replacing the default voice prompt with the voice and expression you like. LEGEE will blend in your life in no time!

Cleaning Diary

Cleaning Diary allows you to track and share the information from the past 10 cleaning tasks, including finished map, cleaned area, cleaning duration and if the task was completed.

Schedule Queue

Schedule Queue includes a weekly based scheduler that allows pre-scheduling your cleaning plan once a day, and a one-time scheduler for a non repetitive task.

LEGEE SLAM Navigation

LEGEE SLAM is the abbreviation of the unique navigation system that integrates LDS Lidar, Encoder, Gyro, E-compass and Position Estimation together to detect and measure the surroundings.

High Accuracy LDS Sensor

The advanced LDS Sensor spins in 7 rounds per second to collect the high accuracy and immediate terrain information for LEGEE to optimise the cleaning process. A sampling rate of 3000 times/second.

Smart Recharge & Resume

When the battery is low, LEGEE will go straight back to the charging station automatically to recharge, then estimate the required charging time for the remaining work area to resume the task as soon as possible.

FastBrush 4 in 1 Cleaning

  • 4x Cliff Sensors
  • 4x AI Smart Spray
  • 2700 Pa Vacuum
  • 1800g mopping force

Fluid Mechanics Suction Head- 2700Pa Vacuum

The powerful 2700Pa vacuum through the carved deflector collects not only large objects in corn kernel size but also fine ash like flour, nothing escapes!

Mopping Force- 1800g

LEGEE-7 press down with 1800g force against the floor to imitate the human behaviour to remove the stubborn dust and stain.

Filtered Fresh Air

The washable screen filter and High-efficiency filter make sure nothing escapes but the clean and fresh air!

Suitable on Different Hard Floorings

Not affected by the floor colour.

  • Tile
  • Wooden
  • Laminate
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Epoxy

Mind the Gap Forwards and Backwards

LEGEE-7 is protected by its 4 cliff sensors – 2 at front and 2 at the back to help it move and turn in the narrow space.


App Reminder of when to empty the dustbin, fill the water tank or anything else that might be affecting it's performance.

Technical Specifications
Brand Hobot



Cleaning Method

FashBrush 4 in 1: Vacuum, Dry Mopping, Spray Water, Wet Mopping

Cleaning area per charge

240 m2 (Maximum cleaning area based on cleaning modes)

What's in the box? 1x Hobot 7
1x AC adapter
1x Water bottle
1x Microfibre cleaning cloth
1x Spray Nozzles pack
1x Charging Station
1x User Manual
1x Side brushes
1x High efficiency filter
1x Waterproof mat

Moving speed


Navigation Technology


Brush speed

Max. 900 times/min.

Mopping force


AI smart spray Water supply control

4 Spray nozzles to spray water more evenly

Trash capacity

500 ml

Trash filter

400# Screen Filter + 

High Efficiency Filter

Water tank



Li-ion 4500mAh

Vacuum Motor

Nidec 22N-1 brushless DC motor 2700pa

Definition of objects

Lidar + Bumper

Cliff Sensor

2 Front IR sensors + 2 Rear IR sensors

Optimized Cleaning Coverage

Divide the area to 4.4x4.4 m2 and proceed Wall- Follow Cleaning and then Zigzag Cleaning accordingly, enhancing 30% cleaning efficiency


Smart recharge & resume

Noise Level

63 dB at 1m



Wi-Fi (GHz)


Firmware OTA


Voice prompt


Voice control

Apple/ Google

Real time map


Virtual barrier, 

Virtual box


Auto room divider


Map memory

5 Maps

Cleaning diary


Schedule queue

Yes- Each divided rooms can be cleaned with different Talent Clean modes separately.

Dimension (LWH)

340x 339x 100 mm

Input Voltage

100~240V, 50~60Hz

Adapter Output


  1. What is the difference between the Hobot Legee 669, 668 and the new Legee 7?
    1. You can find the comparison between all three units here


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South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

Life changing little guy

This has been a life changing little robot for us. Firstly it is very helpful for maintenance cleaning of my house but it can't get to every corner (because it is a bit bigger than you would think) so you do have to do a normal sweeping and mopping now and again. The mapping works pretty well but it can have some issues especially with shadows... I've seen this at least twice now that if an area has dark shadows from strong lighting (like at our front door which is glass and under floating cabinets in the bathrooms) then the robot sees it as an obstacle and doesn't clean there which is strange because it can apparently work in the dark. You do need very good internet/Wi-Fi signal especially when it is mapping an area. I would suggest watching the robot as it does its initial mapping to make sure it does it right and just shine a light in the dark areas so it maps correctly. There’s a nice trick to make the mapping easier and that is by using the “Wall Following” function. There are some great YouTube videos from HobotTek on how to use the App. https://youtu.be/On7beoPWU18 The water tank is a good size and lasts for quite a few cleanings depending on the size of your home and I use it with the Hobot cleaning solution. The dust bin does show “Full” after a few cleanings but I’ve seen that this usually means the High Efficiency Filter is clogged with fine dust rather than the bin being actually full. You can gently tap the filter to get rid of the dust but recently I’ve been tapping out the dust and then rinsing out the filter and leaving it to dry and simply swopping it with the spare that comes with the machine. I would suggest getting extra cleaning cloths so it’s easy to just swop the cloths after cleaning and washing the dirty ones once a week (I have 4 sets: the robot comes with 2 sets, and I purchased a pack of 2 sets). I love that you can do a scheduled cleaning from the app so I know I’m coming home to clean floors and you can watch Legee’s progress as it cleans on the app. I also really like the virtual barriers on the app so we can stop the robot from going outside if a door is left open. The cliff sensors really do work at the stairs and the robot shouldn’t fall down the staircase but this is dependent on the sensors being cleaned/wiped regularly so when I’m not home I set a virtual barrier at the staircase just to be sure. I also like that once an area is mapped you can then subdivide it and have different cleaning modes for each. It is a bit of a pain to have to move the robot and it’s charging station between the first and second floor of our house, so we are considering getting another unit for upstairs. Hobot just needs to come out with a dusting robot now!



Hi Nirvana, Thank you very much for your review and listing all the great qualities of the Hobot, so glad to hear you are enjoying the unit and looking at getting a 2nd they do make life alot easier. Just a note that these robots are designed for maintenance and not deep cleaning. Regards the Solenco Team.

Viloshini M.
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

Hobot Legee is really impressive and definitely an asset for cleaning porcelain tiles. Cleaning white porcelain tiles can be an absolute nightmare daily; and with just a click of a button; cleaning and mopping commences. The vacuum mop navigates and cleans floor surfaces easily. Battery life span is commendable as my 171 square meter flat is cleaned within 1.5 hours. I would certainly recommend this vacuum mop; it makes life so much easier and allows me to use my time for other activities while cleaning/mopping is in progress. A good buy indeed.

South Africa South Africa

A Game changer

This product was recommended by a friend and is a game changer for cleaning floors. We have a large home with mainly white tiles as well as Bamboo wooden flooring. The Leggee 7 handles both surfaces well. We've had to declutter and reorganise for this to work efficiently. I love that I can clean specific areas as required. The cleaner works too and is very economical. Highly recommend!

A Solenco Customer
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

Best of the bunch

I spent a lot of time researching the best floor cleaning robots around and eventually selected the Legee 7. It's the best all round by some distance: price, technology, performance. We had a recommendation from a friend who had one for a few months before we bought. After we used it a while, we bought another 2 in the family and we are delighted with the purchase. It has the relevant up to date tech (mapping, remote app ops, programming etc) but can also used as a plug-and-play (just switch it on and set it free to clean a room while you're out). You need to develop a slightly neater culture: prevent it tangling up in cables and wires because it seeks out dirt in places you've never been! Our homes are mostly solid wood or tiles and the Legee7 has been amazing on those surfaces! Highly recommended.

South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

A Good investment

What a good-looking assistant. Does the job well and cleans. I love it.