Meaco Airvax awarded European seal of quality

Chris Michael
 December 13, 2013
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Air Purifiers

We have always known that the Airvax is a very good air purifier, our customers keep on telling us!  Now it is also official.  The German based ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation)  have been looking at the test data for the Airvax over the past 6 months and running their own tests and have awarded it their much sort after seal of approval.


We are now able to use the seal to let our customers know that they are selecting the very best in air purification.  We have plenty of independent test data for the Airvax proving how effective it is and the test data and the summary of the tests can be accessed via http://www.meaco.com/meacotradepage.asp#Meaco_Airvax


The latest successful test for the Airvax saw it achieve maximum marks for dealing with MRSA.

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