Hobot Legee-668 in Stuff Magazine.

Bianca Fourie
 March 01, 2019
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Review By Stuff Magazine on the Hobot Legee-668:

Wax, Wax off

For years we've had to star longingly at Roombas and their automated dusting - sucking kin from afar... but no more. The Hobot Legee doesn't just vacuum, it mops too, thanks to a pair of washable, vibrating pads on the bottom of the device and a water sprayer between them. A replaceable HEPA filter keeps nasties at bay, and a spinning brush on the right-hand side makes short work of tight spaces. So too does the array of lasers, gyros and other sensors that guide it about and stop if falling down the stairs. Battery life is up to 90 minutes, and when it starts getting low the Hobot automatically returns to its charging station to recharge. If your abode is carpeted you're going to want a different model, but if screed, tiles and wood are your bag, this is the robo cleaner for you. Shark costume for the cat sold separately. 

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