The improved feature on the New Solenco CF8500 model. 

Bianca Fourie
 June 27, 2019
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The Solenco CF8500 has been such a popular Air Purifier and has helped so many people. When you find something that helps and you can't live without you learn to live with its small flaws. 
BUT this is no longer the case, we listened to our clients and made the necessary changes.
The Reviews below the clients mention the blue light that stayed on all the time on the unit and bothered them while sleeping.

Works well and is silent, but light annoying when sleeping
Mark Bern - 14 December 2018 -      
It works well and is fairly silent on its lowest setting, but the blue lights make it annoying when trying to sleep with it on.Good build quality and in general happy with the unit and the washable front filter

Solenco - fantastic service!
Cathy - 09 June 2019 -      
I bought this a month ago, and it's a great product - my sinuses are feeling better. The blue light is a design flaw but can be covered with a flap of paper, which keeps my room dark enough to sleep. Even better: Solenco's service was AMAZING: they didn't have any in stock when I tried to buy one via the web, so they tracked down a supplier near me and sorted it all out for me in a day. Thank you!!
We are happy to say that the new models now have the option of sleep mode. You press the change filter button and that turns the light off and also changes the fan speed to low.

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