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Air Purifiers for the Home and Office

Allergy Foundation of South Africa Approval Air Purifier

Solenco air purifiers for sale utilises a multi filtration system that includes a pre filter, true HEPA filter, carbon filter and a UV-C light. These units carry the Allergy Foundations of South Africa's Seal of Approval meaning that these units will help in alleviating the effects of allergies including asthma and hay fever (allergic rhinitis).

Additionally, these units can be used public spaces, waiting rooms, hospital rooms and offices etc

The pre filter will remove any pet dander or human hair from the air. The True HEPA filter found in the CF8500 removes 99,5% airborne pollutant including allergens, pollen, dust mites and dust that are 0,1 microns in diameter. However, the CF8500 now comes with an H13 Medical HEPA filter as a spare should you wish to upgrade.

The Solenco CF8608 comes with an H13 Medical HEPA filter which removes up to 99,975% of particles that are 0,1 microns in diameter. The carbon filter removes smells, smoke and VOC's. Finally the UV-C Light will kill airborne viruses or bacteria. 

We have units that cover varying areas with the CF8500 Air Purifier able to cover up to 25m2 and the CF8608 Air Purifier covering up to 50m2. 

  • Solenco CF8500 Air Purifier-Solenco South Africa
    Solenco CF8500 Air Purifier-Solenco South Africa
    R 2,999.00

    Solenco CF8500 Air Purifier

    23 reviews

    Allergy Foundation of South Africa's Seal of Approval Multistage Air Cleaner UVC Light Kills Viruses and Bacteria PCO to destroy particles as s...

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    R 2,999.00
  • Solenco CF8608 Air Purifier-Solenco South Africa
    Solenco CF8608 Air Purifier-Solenco South Africa
    R 5,999.00

    Solenco CF8608 Air Purifier

    5 reviews

    Removes airborne allergens from the air Allergy Foundation of South Africa's Seal of Approval Multi-stage air cleaner for clean air Product Updat...

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    R 5,999.00

How To

  1. How to match your allergy to your air purifier
  2. How HEPA filters Work

Choosing the right air purifier for you:

  1. Why would I need to get an air purifier/ air cleaner or air filter?

    • Allergy sufferers and people with asthma or other breathing problems may noticea reduction in symptoms when using an air purifier with a HEPA filter.
    • You have pets which release skin and pet dander into your indoor air. This will be caught by the prefilter and the carbon filter will remove pet smells.
    • You smoke or live with a smoker. Ventilating and filtration, such as HEPA filtration, catches fine airborne particulate matter (PM 2.5, or 2.5 micrometers), can provide some relief.
    • Air purifiers can catch some of the airborne particles and air pollution, like dust, that get kicked up during construction or from cars driving down the road. 
  1. What are the benefits of using an air purifier/ air cleaner or air filter?

    • Remove triggers for asthma attacks
    • Eliminate allergens such as dust, mould spores and pet odour
    • Trap tobacco and cigarette smoke
    • Remove fumes and pollutants in urban environments
    • Eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
    • Protect children, the elderly and chronically ill from respiratory illness
  1. Do air purifiers/ air cleaners or air filters actually work?

    • The Solenco CF8500 and Solenco CF8608 Air Purifiers bear the Allergy Foundations Seal of Approval stating that the product has been scientifically tested to prove it is efficient at reducing or removing allergens from the environment or the products have significantly reduced allergen or chemical content.  In order to receive the Seal of Approval, manufacturers have supplied verifiable results of independent testing or testing has carried out via AFSA by independent laboratories to standards created for the Seal of Approval by leading allergy specialists. Due to patient variation, however, use of these products cannot be guaranteed to reduce symptoms in allergic sufferers.
  1. Why should I choose a Solenco Air Purifier?

    • The Solenco units are the only air purifiers in South Africa that carry the Allergy Foundation of South Africa’s Seal of Approval
    • The air purifiers come with multiple speed setting, night mode, filter change indicators, replacement filters are freely available and two year warranties.
    • They use a multi filtration system including prefilters, True or H13 Medical Grade HEPA filters, Carbon filters and UVC Lights
    • The Solenco CF8608 will cover up to 50m2 with 4 Air Changes per Hour (ACH) and the Solenco CF8500 up to 25m2 at 4 ACH
    • Solenco offers superior after sales service for a world class experience.