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Whisper it quietly: There’s a noise revolution underway with the ultra-quiet MeacoFan 650-Solenco

Whisper it quietly: There’s a noise revolution underway with the ultra-quiet MeacoFan 650

Silent fans are the key to getting a good night’s sleep

The ultra-quiet MeacoFan 650

The next big step forward in noise reduction came with the MeacoFan range of air circulators that have changed the way people think about fans and how they use them.  In the past people would just put up with the white noise from a traditional AC fan. The MeacoFan range changed all of that.  They use advanced DC motors to reduce running costs and to drastically reduce noise levels without compromising on performance.

The three fans have won a host of awards including the QuietMark award from the Noise Abatement Society who champion the very quietest products available to make our world a more peaceful place. As well as cooling the room quietly the fans also work in a much wider range of motion both vertically and horizontally to move all of the air in a room providing a very pleasant gentle breeze.

The investment in developing low noise level Meaco products has been rewarded with industry awards and excellent press reviews from experts and customers alike.

Chris Michael, Director of Meaco said “It is great to see all of these positive reviews using words like ‘quiet’ and ‘silent’ and it is especially nice when so many customers tell us that we are improving their quality of life because they are finally getting a good night’s sleep.  That makes all of the hard work worthwhile.”

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