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 November 22, 2017
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The energy-efficient Honeywell CS10XE is among the most affordable indoor portable evaporative air coolers on the market today. Requiring no permanent installation and using only water and electricity to lower temperatures by up to 10 degrees, it’s easy to operate and includes a 6-foot power cord for ideal positioning. 

Aesthetically pleasing in design with a silver and black exterior casing, the CS10XE is built to fit into just about any home or office environment without looking out of place. An oval-shaped front grill runs across a series of louvers that can be adjusted to aim airflow. A large front display with a control panel offers easy access to a number of controls that you adjust to turn the unit on or off, set the blower speed, activate the timer or run vertical oscillation.

The device weighs 8.4kg and includes a handy grip on the back for safe carrying. It stands 80cm tall and measures 34.4cm wide by 40cm long. A highly mobile device, this is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a portable swamp cooler that you can transport back and forth between your home and the office.

Equipped with a 510 m3/hr fan, this portable evaporative cooling unit works best when used in small spaces. According to the manufacturer, the unit can cool rooms up to 16 square metres. Considering this is the absolute maximum capacity, it is not the ideal device to cool your entire home – however, depending on the size of the space you’re looking to use it in, it may prove highly effective.

Power consumption is low, which is a great benefit. When operating on the lowest setting, this Honeywell unit uses up only 100W of power, the same amount of electricity taken up by a single light bulb. Powering the cooler at its highest setting during peak temperatures naturally causes energy consumption to rise, but even when maxed out it’s still far cheaper to operate than an air conditioner. Also, since portable evaporative coolers require no additives aside from water, carbon emissions are dramatically decreased.

Additional features of the CS10XE include an LED digital display, remote control, carbon dust filter and a low water alarm. The LED digital display makes it easy to see the operation modes currently engaged, even in low-light situations. The carbon dust filter captures particles and cleans the air as it blows. The remote control is fully functioning and allows you to turn the system on or off, change the speed of the blower, control the motion of the louvers and activate the timer from a distance. You can also turn the cooler pump off to run the unit like a traditional fan. The remote control can be conveniently stored in a fitted slot on top of the unit.

The Honeywell CS10XE’s 300 CFM rating may cause you to continue shopping, especially if you need to cool areas larger than 16 square metres. But if you only need to cool a small area, the unit’s low energy consumption and portable size and weight make it an appealing purchase.

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