Your dehumidifier switches off by itself? Don’t panic! It’s normal.

Solenco Reporter
 October 21, 2016
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Why do dehumidifiers turn off and stop collecting water?  This is something that customers ask us over and over again.  I think that once someone has invested in a dehumidifier they want it to collect water on a daily basis and they are so amazed at the amount of water that is extracted from the air! So much so, that they are disappointed when it stops collecting water. 

However, it is perfectly normal that a dehumidifier stops collecting water. As you select your set point, the dehumidifier dries the air down to this point. When the relative humidity falls below this level, the dehumidifier then “stops working”. But when the relative humidity rises again, the dehumidifier will turn itself on and start to collect water again.

The unique Meaco Control Logic found on dehumidifiers including the Platinum Range and the Zambezi, means that you get the best balance between saving money and accurate dehumidification.

When the target relative humidity (rh) has been reached, the dehumidifier will switch to fan-only mode to check that the relative humidity is stable. It will then go to sleep for 30 minutes at which time it will “wake up” and run it's fan again to check the relative humidity once more.  If the relative humidity has risen above the set point then the dehumidifier will start to operate again.  If the relative is ok then the dehumidifier will go back to sleep again for another 30 minutes.  This process saves a lot of money on electricity, especially when compared against dehumidifiers which keep their fans running permanently regardless of the level of humidity in the room.

So if your dehumidifier stops working – don’t worry. It could be that the relative humidity level has been reached.

However, if you’d like to double-check or just need that extra peace of mind, give us a call at 0861 388 878 or chat to us live on www.solencosa.co.za.

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