Prepare your Holiday Home for Winter

Solenco Reporter
 April 23, 2018
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As the nights get darker and the bleak weather approaches, winter can be undeniably harsh on holiday homes.

Winter rain can especially take its toll on holiday homes in coastal regions and can lead to structural damage and damage to furnishings.

Damp in homes can be a serious concern as it can indicate structural or weatherproofing issues. 
At best it can make a room feel cold, which can be particularly unpleasant during winter. Luckily many damp issues do not require professional help and can be prevented using some simple strategies. 

Fighting the damp

Interior mould is not only a health hazard but can also ruin soft furnishings, leather items and wood.

To reduce the risk of returning in the spring to surface mould, try these tips:

  • Portable electric dehumidifiers, such as the Meaco DD8L and Platinum ranges of dehumidifiers, are ideal. These dehumidifiers come with continuous drainage options, auto restart (which helps in the case of a power failure) and goes into sleep mode once it reaches the desired target relative humidity (we recommend between 50 and 55% rh). When the humidity levels rise, the dehumidifier “wakes up” to bring the levels back down.
  • Ventilation is one of the best ways to avoid damp. Leave doors open in order to allow air circulate between rooms. Ideally, on a monthly basis open the doors and windows for an hour or so, to let some fresh air in on a dry day.
  • Buy some cheap bed sheets and lay them over furniture and furnishings to prevent mould.
  • Pull your furniture away from walls and damp windows, to let air circulate.
  • Use vacuum bags to store bedding, cushions etc.
  • Also ask her neighbour or property manager to inspect your empty holiday home for damage regularly.

Although insurance will cover some perils, insurance isn’t a maintenance contract – general ‘wear and tear’ is unlikely to be covered by insurance. Therefore, keeping your home well maintained and taking some preventative winter maintenance can lessen the chance of suffering damage in the first place.
For more information on damp prevention in your holiday home, call Solenco SA on 0861 388 878 or email us at info@solencosa.co.za

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