Meaco Contributes to Wildlife Conservation

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 September 20, 2017
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Firm donates £21,000 (R376,992.00)to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Meaco (U.K.) Limited, the UK’s leading domestic dehumidifier specialist, has teamed up with the
Guildford-based wildlife conservation charity the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) to support the care of orphaned elephants in Zambia. With every sale of its top of the range dehumidifier, the DD8L Zambezi a donation is made to the DSWF supported Elephant Orphanage.

The Zambezi DD8L dehumidifier was launched in January 2016 and named after an orphaned elephant currently being cared for by the DSWF. “We wanted to add character to this special dehumidifier and after deciding on an elephant it was very important to us to help with elephant conservation rather than just profit from an association with the animal.” explains Chris Michael, director of Meaco.

“It is a really simple link up and it is something that I would urge other businesses to think about because it is a really easy way for business to help good causes. About half of our sales are overseas and each box has a card in it explaining about the work done by DSWF so in our small way we are helping to spread the word and getting people to think about elephant conservation.”

Commenting on the donation, DSWF’s Melanie Shepherd said, “It’s very hard to put into words what this amazing contribution means to us. For a small charity like DSWF, this is a really significant amount. When you consider that £150 (roughly R 2,693.00) will pay a keeper’s salary for a month it gives you some idea of the value that Meaco is adding to the survival of Zambia’s elephants.”

“We think that the personal relationship we have with Meaco makes a really big difference to both of us. Our projects benefit from the money raised, and Meaco customers around the world can be assured that their purchases are supporting conservation. Corporate partnerships with bigger charities can sometimes lack that personal connection but the relationship with Meaco is a perfect match.”

The Meaco DD8L Zambezi dehumidifier, was the result of three years of intense research and
development, incorporating several unique ideas originating from customers. It has a Which? “Best Buy” award and offers more functionality, with more control and options, than any other domestic dehumidifier on the market, and includes six “world firsts”.

Acclaimed wildlife artist and long-term supporter of DSWF, Jonathan Truss, developed a cartoon sketch of Zambezi, to form part of the image and packaging for the new product.

The story of Zambezi the Elephant

Guzzling 60 litres of milk a day and requiring 24-hour care, nurturing an elephant that has been orphaned requires dedication and commitment. For Zambezi, who was orphaned at just one month old, life has not been easy. He was rescued from a swimming pool that he was trying to drink from. Baby elephants are unable to co-ordinate the 40,000+ muscles in their trunks and use their mouths to drink, so it is thought that he simply toppled in. What became of his mother is uncertain but with around 30,000 elephants killed in Africa every year for their ivory it is likely that she was killed for her tusks.
Adding to that trauma of losing his mother and falling into the pool, an outbreak of Anthrax in the area meant that Zambezi had to be quarantined for two months. “Despite the issues surrounding his rescue and quarantine, Zambezi soon became part of the little herd at the orphanage,” explains orphanage manager, Racheal Murton.

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