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 September 28, 2016
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Every gun safe owner needs to work with the best gun safe dehumidifier to prevent damage to not only your stored items, but also to prevent your safe from damage from moisture. It does this by soaking up the moisture thus leaving the safe dry.

A safe does not allow for adequate air circulation, as the only time the safe is exposed is when you open the door. In this, a gun safe dehumidifier is a must-have.

A dehumidifier aims at prolonging the life of your safe by preventing the accumulation of moisture, which in turn promotes mildew and fungi growth.

When owning a gun, you do not want it to fail you when the need to use it arises.
If you are looking to uphold your gun’s performance even when it is stored in your safe, investing in the best gun safe dehumidifier is highly recommended.


There are different factors to look into when seeking to find the best gun safe dehumidifier.

The different types of dehumidifiers

Looking at the different types of dehumidifiers, you will also understand how they function. Though they work to meet similar objectives, they all come with their various modes of delivery.

Portable Dehumidifiers

These are popular, and they require that you drill a hole into your safe. It also requires that it be plugged into a power source. This makes it ideal for individuals who have a power outlet close enough to where the safe is placed. Provided the safe is big enough, of course, you can consider a compressor dehumidifier in the likes of the Meaco 12L-AH Dehumidifier or the Meaco 12L Low-Energy Dehumidifier.

These highly energy-efficient dehumidifiers have continuous drainage, a humidistat and auto-restart, which make them ideal for wanting to rid a gun safe of excess moisture and prevent condensation, mould, damp and rusting of your guns. The power consumption of the 12L-AH Dehumidifier is rated at just 183 watts at 20?C and 60%rh, and the 12L Low-Energy Dehumidifier uses a remarkable 165 watts – saving customers a considerable amount per year on their electricity bill.

Rechargeable Mini Cupboard Dehumidifiers

This is recommended for individuals looking for a dehumidifier for lifetime use, no electrical reliance, and do not want to drill holes into their safes. They are convenient as they do not require replacement of parts, and they suck in moisture using silica gel.

The Solenco Rechargeable Mini Cupboard Dehumidifier is a small cassette full of silica gel that dry spaces of up to 1M3.  Silica gel is used because it is a natural absorber of moisture and requires no power to work.  One simply places the cassette inside the space to be kept dry and it will start to work instantly. 

When it has absorbed all of the moisture it can the display on the front of the unit will change colour.  It is at this point that you remove it from the space and plug it into the mains using the power lead that was supplied in the box.  This activates a heating plate in the centre of the cassette, which warms the silica gel up to release the moisture and regenerates the gel ready to be used again. This process can be repeated thousands of times.


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April 21, 2019
Iam looking for a gun safe dehumidifier could you please advise and qoute
April 23, 2019
Hi Wilhelm,
thank you for showing interest in our products.
the Solenco Mini Cupboard Dehumidifier sells for R449.00 with free delivery off our website.

thank you
Bianca - Solenco Marketing.
June 04, 2018
I read the post carefully it's awesome and the safe perfect for best use. Stay up to date
Henry Mart
March 22, 2018
Great blog! I just get it and going to bookmark. Because the tips for gun safe is really amazing. I really enjoyed blog articles. :)

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