Top 5 Tips on Drying Laundry Indoors (and on rainy days!)

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 December 05, 2017
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Do you dread laundry days – especially when it comes to the endless cycle of having to dry the clothes? Do you want to save energy (and some money) by not using your tumble dryer? Perhaps the lack of space or bad weather is preventing your from drying your laundry outside … What if you have no choice but to dry your laundry indoors?

We suggest some great indoor drying tips that are not detrimental to your health, for those who don’t have much of a choice:

Use the space you have

Line drying your clothes indoors doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. If you’re only able to line dry a portion of your laundry, that’s ok. Set up a foldable drying rack or install some retractable washing lines in an area where it is most practical and won’t get in the way. Top tip: Avoid living areas and bedrooms if you are able to.

Do laundry more often

If you want to dry your laundry indoors, try not to let laundry pile up. Wash and hang clothes whenever you have enough for a load (and you’ll minimise the amount of hanging space needed). Top tip: Get up a little earlier and do a load early in the morning. Thereby you will have the whole day for drying.

Hang laundry with care

Leave space between items on your drying rack or clothes line. Be sure to keep your drying racks a good distance from walls, so you don’t create an environment for mould to grow. Top tip: To maximise the benefits of your drying rack, hang shirts and blouses on hangers to ensure they dry as crease-free as possible.

Select the fastest spin cycle option

Get as much water out of your clothing as possible. This will speed up your drying time considerably. Top tip: Consider replacing a top-loader machine with a front-loader. The spin cycle is much faster and it uses less water!


Running a dehumidifier where your laundry is drying will help dry your laundry quickly and efficiently while using very little energy. It will also prevent condensation and mould-growth. Top tip: Run a small fan adjacent the dehumidifier to speed up the drying process.

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