Why You Shouldn't Drink Water From Your Dehumidifier

Solenco Reporter
 January 30, 2018
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With Day Zero looming in the Western Cape and parts of the Eastern Cape, we are inundated with calls from customers enquiring whether the water collected by dehumidifiers is safe for human consumption. In short, the answer is quite simple. NO. 

There are mainly two reasons why you, nor your pets, nor you edible plants can consume dehumidified water:

Why You Can't Drink The Water

1. Pollutants, VOCs And Micro-organisms

Unfortunately due to modern times the world we live in is suffering from air pollution given off by car exhaust fumes, factories, household cleaning chemicals, to name a few. When a dehumidifier extracts the moisture from the air that contains these pollutants, viruses and bacteria, or other Volatile Organic Components (VOCs) these same pollutants will end up in the water that collects in the tank or bucket.

Unfortunately our units, such as many others, do not have a filtration system where the water is cleaned of any of these impurities.

2. Lacking The Necessary Minerals

The water collected by a dehumidifier essentially does not contain any minerals (the stuff that is actually good for you) and is therefore not as per the recommendations of the World Health Organisation when it comes to potable water.

What You Can Use It For

1. Filling Irons

If you live in a hard water area, you’re likely to be battling with limescale. These calcium carbonate deposits could eventually damage a clothes iron beyond repair. You can avoid this problem by using the water collected by your dehumidifier.

2. Waterin Inedible Plants

Inedible plants will love you dehumidifier water as it’s soft and fairly neutral in pH. Keep in mind though that dehumidifier water is not suitable for edible plants.

3. Flushing Toilets

Keep a bucket in the bathroom as a reservoir for the water. Then, when it’s ‘required’, just tip the water into the bowl and it’ll flush the bowl clean.

4. For Cleaning

You can certainly use it for cleaning the car and other outside areas. Some people use it for cleaning the inside of the home too and hand washing, but you may want to put a bit of bleach in the water to kill off any microorganisms present.

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