Suffering From Sinus? Maybe It’s Your Air Conditioner!

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 November 29, 2018
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If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, you might be blaming your condition on a number of factors – from the time of year to your pets leaving their fluff behind. But did you know that it could be caused (or even aggravated) by your air conditioner?!

According to a report in The New York Times, many medical experts, air conditioners can make some people’s noses clog or run, for several reasons:

Grab the Tissues

Walking into a cold, dry room can trigger a runny nose, just walking outside on a cold winter day drives many people to reach for tissues, said Dr John Ohman, chief of the division of allergy at Tufts Medical Centre in Boston.
The cold air seems to trigger nervous system reflexes in the nose that cause glands in the nasal membranes to product mucus; the problem may be particularly common in those with allergies. But changes in temperature and humidity should trigger only brief congestion, Dr Ohman said.
Those with allergies might develop congestion because small particles like pollen, mould spores, pollutants and dust mites can get trapped by air conditioning filters and then released into the air when the machine is turned on, said Dr Maria Garcia-Lloret, an allergist at the UCLA School of Medicine. Pollutants and bacteria wouldn’t cause and allergic reaction per se, she said, but could irritate the nose. Exposure to mould spores can cause allergic reactions that may be particularly long-lasting.

Keep those filters clean

Dr Richard Lebowitz, a rhinologist at NYU Langone Medical Centre, emphasized the importance of changing air conditioning filters regularly. “If you don’t maintain them well and everything you breathe is filtering through this gigantic sheet of dust,” dispelling dust into the air, “that’s not very helpful,” he noted.
Air conditioners with clean filters can reduce problems for allergy sufferers by keeping allergens out of the air, but there is no way to avoid a runny nose that comes from changes in temperature and humidity. “Live with it – or sweat,” he said.
Or – get an air purifier !

                                   Clean the Air You Breathe

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