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 September 15, 2016
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Not getting a good night's sleep - especially because of allergies - can make for one very grumpy person the next morning! 


Chris Michael, CEO of Meaco in England, gives some advice in a newly uploaded Airvax Demo video.


Welcome to the Meaco Product Demonstration Video for the Meaco Airvax Air Purifier. If you’re suffering from allergies, struggling with your asthma, then it is well worth watching this video as this could be the right product for you.

Meaco Airvax is very popular with our customers particularly for use in bedrooms, because they are small and they make so little noise that they are very easy to live with and to sleep with.  So they are very useful in that bedroom situation.

If you suffer from any of the allergies that are coming up on the screen now (Pollen, Smoke, Dust, Dust Mites, Viruses & Bacteria, Mould Spores, Pollution, Pet Dander, VOC’s, MRSA) then Airvax would be able to help you.

To get an idea of which air purifier is the best for your particular room size then watch our category video (on Meaco website) that we’ve got on air purifiers where we go through the range and we let you know which is the right machine for the right size room.

Apart from the fact that they look great, the other really good thing about the Airvax is the filter. The filter took eight years’ worth of research and development before we could even get to a stage of selling the product. Getting the filter right was vital.

What’s unique about Airvax is the inside is just the one filter, and that filter can take out both chemicals and particles. That’s fairly unique in the world of air purification and gives you only the one filter to look after. And in order to increase the life of the filter, you can take it out and hoover it with the nozzle of your hoover in order to remove any loose particles on top. (See our video on how to change your Airvax Air Purifier filter here)

Airvax is clinically proven not to release captured particles back into the air. It also destroys captured things like viruses, bacteria, and dust mites within the actual filter itself. This small filter is actually, if we were to roll it out 25 square metres of air purification magic. There is hundreds of thousands of contact points here within the filter where all those chemicals and particles are going to get captured, destroyed and held within the filter. We have got plenty of clinical proving data from laboratories that prove it does exactly what we claim and all of that data is available for you to see on the website if you wish to analyse it.

I know from my own personal experience that Airvax works. My own daughter suffers really badly from hay fever pollen allergies. She can’t sleep at night within the summer without the Airvax in her bedroom to clean the air. There is not a lot we can do to protect her while she is out and about during the day. She is going to sneeze all day long, but at least we can ensure that when she comes home she gets a good night’s sleep – and let’s be honest, getting a good night’s sleep makes us all a little bit nicer the next morning.

So if you need an air purifier to help you sleep at night, then the Airvax could be the right purifier for you.

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