Want To Cool Down? Open The Window!

BY Solenco Reporter

With most people used to closing closing all doors and windows when it comes to running an air conditioner, it is not suprising that people wonder why this doesn't work when it comes to evaporative cooling. 


Many people assume that as many evaporative coolers, such as the Symphony range and Honeywell range of evaporative air coolers don't have outlet pipies, you don't need to have a vent and that they don't need to have a window open. This is simply not true. Here is why...


What happens if an air cooler is operated with all the windows closed? Assuming the relative humidity is reasonable to start off, when the air cooler is switched on, it will do its job for a short while. However, once the humidity rises towards saturation point (around 80% rH), the cooling effect stops. With the cooling effect stopped, the temperature will gradually increase to where it started and the room will end up feeling warm and sticky. 


So if you want to cool down while using your evaporative air cooler, then remember to open the window!


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 January 05, 2018
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