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Simon Brewer
 March 08, 2016
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One of the major causes of condensation and mould in the home is drying clothes on radiators or a clothes horse in the winter. As the clothes dry the moisture is released into the air and the air becomes damp, the room air feels colder, condensation forms on windows and mould grows faster. All dehumidifiers claim that they help to dy laundry but some do it better than others! Your granny will tell you that the best way to dry washing on the line in summer is on a warm, dry and windy day. It is therefore not a huge surprise to learn that the best way to dry washing indoors is by recreating those summer conditions.

Dehumidifiers create the dy air and the fan creates the wind but that wind has to hit the washing for the clothes to dry effectively and quickly. This is where the rotating louvre comes in, driving the dry air across the clothes, up and down, over and over again – you can even direct the air left or right if you have heavier clothes that need extra drying time.


Customers who use a dehumidifier to dy their clothes put the clothes and the clothes horse into a small room with the dehumidifier next to them. Using a small room enables th dehumidifier to dy the air faster and achieve the low relative humidity that you need to dry the clothes. This is where Zambezi is different, whereas other dehumidifiers will jus run and run regardless of the room conditions, Zambezi will sense that the air is dry enough for the clothes to dry and will reduce its energy consumption so that as little power as possible is being used. If possible it will switch into fan only mode and will only turn its dehumidification cycle back on i the relative humidity starts to rise again.


So Zambezi could dry your washing in the same time or faster than other desiccant dehumidifiers and yet use up t 600 watts less.


The combination of the energy saving intelligent Laundry + control, the high airflow and the rotating louvre make Zambezi a viable alternative to a tumble dryer and the preferred choice to dry your washing with a dehumidifie.

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