The benefits of infra-red heaters

Lizelle Verrall
 July 28, 2016
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The braai is a true South African tradition and if you are not fortunate enough to have an indoor braai, it is not always possible to throw some meat on the coles 365 days of the year. And what can be better than a "lekker braai"? Luckily, the latest in heating technology has changed all this.


Infrared heaters are not just easy on the eye, but easy on the pocket and environment as well. These incredible heaters provide far-infra-red heat which is the only form of heat which does not blow away. This enables you to enjoy the tranquillity of your patio, deck, caravan, boat or garden throughout the year.


As the increase in demand for infra-red heaters grow and they become more commonly used – especially as an indoor and outdoor heating source -  more and more people want to know what the advantages are for choosing this type of heater.
Here’s a closer look at infrared heaters and why they may prove beneficial to homeowners:

How do they work?

Just as the Earth is heated by the infrared rays from the Sun, so an infrared heater heats your home. This type of heater emits infrared rays that easily get absorbed by the items in your home, which gently increase the temperature of their surroundings.


As cool surfaces heat up, they raise the ambient temperature of the room. It’s important to note that these heaters don’t heat the air, but the heat is rather absorbed by the objects and people within its range of heat distribution, thereby the air will not get uncomfortably warm as if conventional heaters.

What are the benefits?

What makes an infrared heater much better is that it produces instant heat; once it is turned on, heat is automatically felt. No waiting time needed.
Another notable benefit that we get from infrared heaters is that they are energy efficient, sometimes saving as much as 80% on heating costs. However, the amount of energy conserved varies depending on the type of building or home; considering other factors such as construction type, ceiling height, and insulation.
They also deliver draft-free heat with very little noise (if any!). Different from air-source heat pumps, infrared heaters produce very little noise given the fact that they don’t pump air. They are far more reliable than air-source heat pumps, which are more prone to poor performance during the winter.
Infrared heaters release safe and mild heat. Anyone, especially the little kids at home, can freely touch the surface of an infrared heater without getting burned. They are also very fast in terms of heating again after a period of being shut down. And because infrared heaters do not burn carbon like other heaters do, they are safe for the environment.
In terms of maintenance, infrared heaters are easy to mount, with less maintenance needed since they have no moving parts that might wear out or malfunction. Infrared heaters are designed simply and have lesser parts, so they are lighter than the others. There are enough options to choose from in terms of installation since they can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted such as the Vermount heater, or placed in a corner such as the Gaea heater.

Safe instant heat in a stylish package

The robust aluminium design of the Gaea and Vermount means that these heaters are also perfectly suited for commercial use in pubs, clubs and bars. The IP55 weatherproof design means that these heaters can be used in rain or snow and are 100% splash proof. The patented carbon fibre heating tubes of significantly reduce running costs and cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 80% compared to gas patio heaters.


With all these benefits, it is clear how infrared heaters have changed the conventional heating machinery. Its development is indeed a major breakthrough in the realm of infrared technology. So what are you waiting for? Order your Gaea or Vermount heater and see for yourself why it’s considered to be the best in the market today.
(Source: Infraredheatersweb.com)
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