Help Your Baby Have the Best Night's Sleep

Katherine Mosquera
 February 15, 2018
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From knowing how to sterilise baby bottles to fighting the sleep deprivation caused by having tiny humans to look after, every parent finds themselves in a whole new world when they first bring their new baby home. Sleepless nights can be caused by a number of different factors, but there are a few ways that we can combat them by simply adjusting our baby’s routines and environments. This article will walk you through a few factors that can impact the quality of a baby’s sleep as well as some ideas to try and help improve their sleeping pattern.

What Affects Our Baby’s Sleep?


This may seem like an obvious point, but sometimes babies wake because they are hungry. As they grow their stomachs will also change in size, and will continue to grow until adulthood. Having a small stomach means being able to hold less food. Once that has been digested our babies may wake because they want more food.

...So Try Last-Minute Feed

Giving our babies their last feed as close to bedtime as possible will help them feel fuller for longer, not to mention it’ll make them instantly feel sleepy! This last-minute feed will help to increase the length of time that they will go before waking again. Knowing how to sterilise baby bottles will help to ensure that everything is ready should we be woken later in the night, so we are not hunting around for a clean bottle when we could be back in bed asleep.


Babies are not able to regulate their body temperature in the same way that we adults can. As a rule of thumb, they should be dressed in one more layer than we would be in a room of the same temperature.

...You may want to invest in a thermometer

Having a thermometer in the room and monitoring it will ensure that we can keep on top of regulating our babies’ temperatures so they do not get too cold, or overheat.


Changes to their environment such as the person putting them to bed or being in a new or different place can affect our babies’ ability to feel safe and secure when going to sleep. If they feel anxious it may lead to interrupted sleep throughout the night. You might also want to consider the health side of things; clean and comfortable air is quite key in a baby’s room. In this modern age we breathe in all kinds of nasty things from the air outside and inside, and these can affect our breathing quality, let alone that of a baby.

...Try keeping home comforts close

Having a blanket or soft toy that both smells of home and is used within our homes when our babies are away from us or on holiday with us will make the transition to a new environment easier for them. You may want to also consider investing in an air purifier such as the Airvax Air Purifier or the Solenco CF8500 for your baby’s room, to ensure they breathe and sleep easy!

“Danger” Naps

Having a nap late on in the afternoon can mean that our babies are too well rested when it comes to bed time. If they feel like they have already had the sleep that they need, they may not sleep as well through the night.

...So perhaps extend the last awake period of the day

If our babies are prone to late afternoon naps, we should try and encourage them to nap earlier and keep them awake for as long as possible in the afternoon. The more worn out they are at bedtime, the better they will sleep through the night.

Now we know what signs to look out for and key ways to help combat sleepless nights; from making sure we know how to sterilise baby bottles to ensure they are as clean as possible for those pre-sleep feeds, to adjusting the lighting in our babies’ rooms. Hopefully it will be plain sailing to dreamland from here on out.

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